We design stuff that your audience will love

web design | membership sites | online courses | digital tools

We design stuff that your audience will love

web design | membership sites | online courses | digital tools

Stuff we design


We design WordPress websites that stand out and connect your brand to your audience.
Clean. Engaging. Stress-free.


We develop and design online courses and LMS' that engage users with gamification and smart branding.
We make learning fun.


We develop private social media networks so you can keep your audience close.
Just like your own Facebook!


We want you yo be as efficient as possible, so we help you navigate the online space to make it easy.
Plus, Social Media how-to's.

Some of our clients:

We’ve worked with small and big business, but our design-heart really pumps for businesses with 5-200 employees and non-profits doing amazing work out there.

We’ve worked with small and big business, but our design-heart really pumps for businesses with 5-200 employees and non-profits doing amazing work out there.

Hear what Lynn Hand, Executive Director, FEC (non-profit) had to say:

Word on the street

"Thanks very much for this, it was great to work with you... We're very pleased with the final result...Very efficient!"
Kerigan Kelly
Groundswell Urban Planners Inc.
"And I have to say, it's so nice having someone doing this that I trust implicitly...!"
Lynn Hand
Family Education Centre

Listen to Lynn now:

"Thank you for all your wonderful work on this project! It really gave the website a fresh new look."
Juliana Tu
TK Olympic Taekwondo Centre

nonprofit case study

Just launched in May 2018, the Family Education Centre’s WordPress website, online learning platform, membership site with multi-language podcasts, downloads and so much more!

Listen to Lynn (Executive Director, FEC) now:

A FEW OF OUR OTHER projects:

“I don’t even know what to say! I am blown away!”

~Grace Churchill

“I don’t even know what to say! I am blown away!”

~Grace Churchill


Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Our goal is to develop a website that is relatable, engaging and authentic for your audience.

  • We want your audience to “feel” your vibe and want more of it.
  • We want to attract the RIGHT people to you – your people.
  • We want you to be excited about the process and the end-product.

Our process covers all the areas to be sure that we don’t miss a thing and that we find out who you really are, what you really need, and most importantly, what your audience really wants from you – and then we build that!

Some Cool Options:


Before we get started we work with you to choose the direction and outcomes you want to achieve.


Mobile-friendly is no longer an "option" it is a MUST. We build for both; desktop and mobile - always.


The words on your website are just as important as the imagery. So, we help you with that.

Hosting Setup

The right hosting for today and the future is crucial. We help you evaluate, choose the best and set it up.


All projects are tested on various different platforms; Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mobile.


All of our projects come with a basic SEO setup. We also offer a premium version of as well.


Want to sell online courses, and need a proper Learning Management System? Learn more HERE!


Want your own Facebook or member-only Content Management System? Learn more HERE!


Selling stuff online is a great way to add a revenue stream. It's important that it's done well.

Social Media

We make it easy for your audience to share your website on multiple social networks.


We work with your current brand to be sure that the project reflects your messaging.

Image Sourcing

Images, icons, and videos all have to match the design and brand. We source only high-quality images.

Email Setup

A branded email is important in business and it's even more important to access it easily. We can help.


With Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, or Constant Contact we can set up your email campaign.


We only choose stable, clean, light-weight, well-maintained plugins for our designs.

Custom Colours

We choose the right colours to compliment your brand, goals, and what's visually pleasing.

Video Training

Once the project is complete, we create video training for you and your team that is available 24-7.


After the project is complete, we offer 4-months of tech support to be sure everything's smooth.

Web Design FAQ's

That’s amazing – we’re thrilled. Let’s do this! CONTACT US NOW.

Projects are broken up into three payments (50% – 25% – 25%). The project starts with a 50% deposit. Once we have design sign-off (agreement of where we’re headed) but before we go deep into the code, we collect 25%. The final 25% is collected just prior to launch.

The whole process can take anywhere from 8-24 weeks depending on how big the project is. 

Yes. In the “back-end” you will able to see how many people are visiting your site. We will also set up a weekly email with more details.

No way! We do not want you to feel “stuck” whenever you want to make a change. We empower you to make updates and changes via the online training videos that we create specifically for YOUR website.

Try our handy Quote Calculator to give you a rough idea.

Yes, it sure will! Mobile design is extremely important will only continue to be more important in the future. All of our WordPress website designs are mobile (responsive) friendly.

We accept Credit and Debit Card payments via Stripe. Stripe is a secure payment portal. You can learn more about it HERE. We also accept cheques on certain situations.

Sure we do! Sometimes that isn’t needed, but, yes, we often have our copywriter do a deep dive on content and messaging.

You sure do! It’s all yours! 100%.

We have check-in points as we go along, the amount will depend on the project. But, we are completely focused on creating the right thing for your brand and audience – no matter what. 

No. The quote you receive is what you will pay unless additional work is added that is outside of the scope for the project. You will be aware and will have to sign-off on this amount prior to us starting it. So, you will always be VERY aware of the costs.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Growth. Boom. Wow!

That pretty much sums up the world of Online Education over the last few years. Companies have see massive results in both their employee retention and their bottom line when they’re selling to customers.

The most important thing is having a modern, secure, engaging LMS (Learning Management System) that does what it’s supposed to do to keep your audience coming back for me.

Guess what? We make them – using WordPress!

So many more things to choose from:


Drag and drop, quizzes, learner notes, social learning, email notifications.


Offer different payment types; one-time, subscriptions, bundles, memberships.


Badges, Certificates, Points, Leaderboard, forums.


Analytics, course completion, quiz results, charts, graphs, SCORM, Tin Can.

Course Styles

Drip-feed, micro-learning, expire course access, assignment uploads, private sessions, adaptive learning.

Content Types

Video, audio, images, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Google Docs, and more.


Recommend the right hosting for your needs, expected/known traffic, and future goals.

And More

Mobile friendly, Multisite ability, Front end course development, invite codes, CEU tracking, and more (JUST ASK US).

Membership site

Membership site

For the right people - your people!

Whether you are looking to have your very own Facebook, an Intranet or a Content Management System, we can build that for you!

Your WordPress membership site can be a free platform, used internally or you can offer 100’s of different paid membership levels. 

Offer a free level that shows them what content they can get access to if the upgrade, or give them access to specific items as they purchase them, or have multiple levels that access different content and are given additional benefits.

Endless options – we can help you sort it out and make it awesome!

This or that and that!

  • Email Integration
  • Profiles
  • Messaging
  • Friending
  • Groups
  • Polling
  • Custom Login
  • Content Dripping
  • Coupon Codes
  • Events
  • Reactions
  • Group Email
  • Sharing
  • Hide Posts
  • Access to Specific Content
  • Affiliate Program
  • Levels (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Links, Video, Images
  • Personal Blogs
  • Content Management
  • Intranet or E-commerce

Digital TOOLS

Digital TOOLS


For the love of getting stuff done and be organized about it!

All you need is a few tools to help you make your life easier.

Maybe a great messenger bot that can handle messages after hours, using Google Drive instead of paying for Microsoft products, or using the O365 suite to your best advantage, project management tools so everyone stays on top of things, email newsletters to stay in touch, automatic everything to be more efficient, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Webinars that you own instead of paying per user, and so much more!



We have a love for creating awesome stuff! It’s our power and passion. It’s who we are.

Computer class? Yep, that’s where it all started. A girl named Amanda Ross (connect with her here) took a class in high school and it peaked her interest…over 25 years later of creating stuff on different scales (from business cards to 42-page brochures that were delivered to over 350,000 people, to developing hundreds of WordPress websites and digital products), she is the President/Owner of SparkologyLab. Her goal for SparkologyLab is simple, “…to create great stuff that attracts the right people, makes our clients happy and is easy to maintain.”   

SparkologyLab Factoid

As a small business, we have the ability to be very versatile with our donation budget. We focus on local and international human issues, immediate disaster relief, and maintaining access to knowledge world-wide.

In the last 24-months, we’ve donated to the following: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Nikibasika Development Program, Nathan’s Story, Wikipedia, and Tyler Torres.



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