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We have a love for creating great stuff - Projects Are Life! It's our power and passion. It's who we are. It's the best of ourselves. It's our way to give something to the world...with coolness, the irresistibility factor, and seriously kick-ass design.

The goal of every small business is to become a big business and we help make that happen by working with you to build creative digital products that engage and entertain your audience for real results.


Working with you to develop creative digital products.


Online Assessments (great for lead generation!)

Online Course Design

Learning Management System (LMS)

Membership Websites

Content Management System (CMS)


Uncover great ideas during Inception

How many times have you held a product development, strategy, or training meeting only to feel like you didn't get everyone's best brain in the game, the ideas didn't flow the way you had hoped, and/or there was no excitement during the creative process?

Inside "The Lab" you'll have access to our digital mind-prep tools that you should use at the beginning of EVERY meeting to engage your audience, generate brilliant ideas, and get the most out of your time. Oh, and have fun!!


There's one thing that's been constant in my business life and that's projects. I get a tantalizing rush of excitement every time I start a new project. I actually sing, "Prooojeeeect!" in my head while I giddily shake and squeeze my hands into fists.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm Amanda Ross and when I look back at all of my experience, managing projects and product development in the digital space are my play grounds. I love it and have found some other awesome people that love it too - together, we make great stuff! Here's a snap-shot BIO if you really wanna know...

  • Graduated with a degree in Fashion in 1999
  • Led 40+ people with the Hudson's Bay Company at the age of 21
  • Learned web design at 23
  • Built my first website in 2001 (it was super cool, it had music and everything)
  • Led an International marketing team with an IT company where I managed massive projects, developed products, promotional items, online and offline marketing strategies, and large events worldwide.
  • Was accepted, but never went, to film school based on an essay written about Cinematography in Wrestling (true story)
  • Became a real estate representative and quickly moved into leadership
  • Led 2 different real estate companies with more than 150+ agents where I implemented new marketing strategies, packaged product offerings, developed training and recruiting plans, managed creative and business-growth strategies, and more.
  • Started my own business where I developed creative collateral for REALTORS in 2013
  • Launched SparkologyLab in 2016

Amanda Ross

SparkologyLab CEO, Amanda Ross

# of Projects


At least that many

While I can't say for sure how many, when I looked back at all the projects and creations, big, small, for myself, clients, and's boat loads! #ProjectsAreLife

The Terrible Chocolate Bar

During my 1st major business presentation about 18 years ago, I threw one of those tiny chocolate bars at a VP when he answered a question correctly, only to send it hurtling towards him at the exact moment that he looked away...he never even saw it coming and that little Mars bar assaulted him right on the crown of his head (oh ya, he was bald). I’ll never forget the astonishment on his face as his head developed a tiny red mark.

My Not-So-Excellent Email Adventure

Around 2003 I received an email from the President of the company I was working at and I thought the message was utterly silly, so I, of course, forwarded it over to my friend and colleague, Amy, including some killer joke around my feelings on how totally strange he was...only to realize when it was too late that I had replied instead of forwarding it. I tried that handy and awful “recall’ option in Outlook (which I hit about 100 times, “Oh no. No. No. Please recall, recall. Recall. RECALL!”).

To smooth things over, I packed up my stuff in a box and went to his office letting him know that I was ready if I was going to be fired. But, ya...nope, he had no idea what I was talking about, he gets so many emails that he hadn’t even absorbed what I said in mine. Yep, I was that awesome!

Buffy The Boston

On a warm September day in 2009, I approached a house that held a Boston Terrier puppy. I hadn't planned on getting a dog then, it just sorta happened. I was looking online and the ad said, "One girl left" and there was this floppy-eared Boston Terrier (with a splash of Beagle) staring at me. The next thing I knew, I standing on the porch waiting to see this little pup. I knew what I was up against, so I, very smartly, asked my dad to meet me there (it was on his way home from work) and keep me grounded.

When the door opened I was greeted by this bouncy, wiggly, tongue-ninja puppy. I knew I was in trouble. I was invited inside and while I sat on the sofa watching this little pup rolling around, so dang happy, there was a knock at the door. "Thank God," I thought, "he's here. He'll bring me back to a rational state." ...the one where I live in a condo and I am not ready for a puppy.

He walked in and the pup wiggled and jiggled her little butt over to him with a little puppy belly to die for. He looked at her, then opened his mouth to give me some smart advice, but what came out was, "Oh Mandy, now that's a cute puppy." That was it - SOLD! Within 10 minutes I was driving home with a puppy in my car.

She's the best choice I've ever made. I love this little dog.

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