How to know every time someone opens your email – Tip of the week

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Did you know that you can find out exactly when someone reads your email? I’m not talking about Outlook’s ancient read receipt. But, rather a tool that shows you EVERY single time they open your email. For example, I know that Sharon opened my email at 10:02 am, at 10:15 and again at 2:35pm. At which point, I gave her a call – she thought I was a mind reader!





Hey, hey! It’s Amanda Ross with Sparkology Lab. And this is my little tip for you this week.

So I know whenever people open my emails, which is amazing, I love it so much. There’s even been times when months have gone by and a little pop-up will come up and say, “Hey, did you know that Cindy just opened this email?” And I’m like, “No, I did not but thank you for telling me.”

It’s super interesting, kinda sneaky, but I love it. It’s also super helpful in terms of the sales process so that I can reach out to them when I see that they’re opening a couple of different emails. And they just think I’m a mind reader which works for me.

This is what it is. It is from HubSpot. It is free. I do pay for the premium option but you don’t have to unless you want to. And you probably… and you should if you love it because I think that you should pay for things if it’s really good. And this is really good and… But yes, you can do it for free. So you can actually try it.

I probably used it for about a year, maybe, before I started paying for it. This link will help you get all set up. You can use it in Chrome and you can use it in Outlook. So this will help you get it all set up. And all the instructions are here so I’m not gonna go deep into “how to.”

However, I do want to cover the bits and pieces that you can actually do with this. I’m gonna use the Chrome view for this.

Here’s a couple of things that you can do. It tracks all your emails, which means it pops up, this little pop-up will come up in the side of my screen when people open it. However, I can also click on, you can see right here, four things have already happened. That’s my HubSpot sales piece. So if I click on this, I’m gonna fade this out so you can’t really see anybody’s name, but when I click on this, it will tell me what has been going on in here. I’ll show these ones ’cause you can’t really see these. You can’t see anybody’s names here really. You can see that there was 13 opens on this one. Seven opens. And when I click on this, it tells me when and you know, if it knows where they were, it will also tell me where. So if they were in Mississauga, I’m in near Toronto in Canada, so if it was Mississauga or Toronto or the Uk or wherever, it will show me right here. So there’s that piece.

The other thing that it does is, this piece right here, you can’t really see it. I’ll zoom in a bit. And what this does is it pops out in my Gmail. Whenever I click on somebody’s email or type in an email address, it gives me some information about them. So about their company, whether they have a twitter account, things like that. I can learn a little bit about this person right away.

The other thing that it allows me to do is schedule emails ahead of time. So I can actually write a whole email up and be like, “Oh, I gotta follow up with them and I’ll know I’ll forget tomorrow because I have back-to-back meetings. I’m going to set this email up to be scheduled.” I will schedule that for tomorrow or whenever. Or sometimes I’m working really early in the morning. You know, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning but I don’t really wanna be sending actual emails then.  I’ll write them and have it send them a little bit later.

The other thing that it does is it allows me to write templates. I can create templates already set up so that I don’t have to rewrite emails all the time. I can just pull any template. It’s ready to go. I can share them with my team. It’s super fun and easy. You can also share documents. I don’t do that but you could.

It also, in that little popup that I showed you over here, it also will tell me if they clicked a link, if they opened a download, everything. So I know sort of what’s going on with them and what stage they’re in as we’re sort of following through our process. Well, our follow-up process.

One more thing that’s great about it is it will also tell me if people aren’t opening emails; it will say “unopened.” And if I’m waiting for a response, then I can reach out to them, right? I can pick up the phone, I can send another email, I can ping them on Facebook or LinkedIn and just say, “Hey! You know, like I sent you an email. I’m not sure if you got it. Sometimes weird things happen.” And you know, they might be like, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I was at a conference.” or, “How did I miss that?” And I’ll see it open right when we’re talking or you know, that kind of thing.

It’s really helpful to understand, to know what’s going on with your communication process with through your emails.

That is my tip for you this week. And if you want more tips, just sign up below and you’ll start getting these babies right to your email which is awesome. I won’t track you, I promise. Well, I will. I am. I’m gonna for sure. My Active Campaign, which is what I use for my emails, will track you. But not this way. Until you start emailing me. And then I’m super creepy. And I’m a total stalker. And I know exactly what’s going on with you. It is what it is. You just have to know it’s happening and it’s fine.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, by all means, let me know. Ciao!



Amanda Ross is the President of SparkologyLab (SL) and the creator of Brand In A Snap (a division of SL). She loves designing stuff in the digital space, trying different curry recipes, and squishing her puppy, Buffy (the people slayer). The topics she shares about are design how-to's, marketing, and digital tips. You can learn more about her on LinkedIN:

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