November Specials

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Happy November!

Today we launched our BIGGEST offers yet for website design and development.

We don’t go this big very often.

We have 3 options available:

SPARK – this is our basic package that gives you a highly professional website with high quality design and images. It’s meant for small sites that want to stand out.

SPARKIE – this is the next step to that design, it’s for larger sites that want to complete in 2018.

SPARKER – a full customized site meant for large and highly technical sites.




Amanda Ross is the President of SparkologyLab (SL) and the creator of Brand In A Snap (a division of SL). She loves designing stuff in the digital space, trying different curry recipes, and squishing her puppy, Buffy (the people slayer). The topics she shares about are design how-to's, marketing, and digital tips. You can learn more about her on LinkedIN:

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